The Vumms :

The Vumms are led by songwriting duo Emilio Marriott (rhythm guitar/vox) and Philippe Kogan (lead guitar/vox), along with Tom Middleton (drums). Inspired by acts such as The Velvet Underground and The Kinks, their sound is powered by a blend of genres leaning mainly towards indie pop and garage rock (or “garage pop”, if you will), infused with the catchy and melodic songwriting sensibilities of the 1960’s. “If you’ve ever wondered what The Zombies would’ve sounded like if they were a ’00s indie rock band, The Vumms got you covered”, says music blog Add To Wantlist.

Harmony’s Cuddle Party :

HARMONY’S CUDDLE PARTY is the project of songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Harmony Cuddle. Enamored with the wonders of analog tape, much of her music is produced using a 4-track cassette recorder. When approaching live performance she enlists the help of her friends in order to bring euphoric twee pop goodness to the people at highest possible velocities.

Harmony’s Cuddle Party (@bufaloresurect)

Lucky Star USA :

Lucky Star USA is the combined songwriting project of Liam Shepherd and Jori Dudzikowski. Country infused indie rock aimed right at the heart of an ailing country.

Lucky Star USA (@luckystarusa)