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Songs: Molina – A Memorial Electric Co.

June 24, 2017

The Rockwell

Songs: Molina – A Memorial Electric Co – a group of people who were all brought together by their  friend and bandmate Jason Molina. The core of the group is comprised of five of the seven original members of Magnolia Electric Co – Mike Brenner, Jason Evans Groth, Michael Kapinus, Mark Rice, and Pete Schreiner – all of whom were also part of Songs: Ohia. Regardless of the name of the groups, they were Jason Molina’s musical compatriots, and he was their leader, singer, and dear brother.

In 2013, to celebrate the life of Jason Molina and mourn his loss, these five bandmates and a few dozen others that spanned his storied career, got together in Bloomington, Indiana – the home of many of his friends, label, and musical cohorts – for a day full of revelry based on his music; the music that brought all of them together, that made them a family, one that was lucky enough to have revolved around Jason Molina. It was decided that the day should be repeated in Chicago, the home of the core group of musicians who helped to craft the masterpiece Magnolia Electric Co. album and, in January of 2014, it happened. It took some doing. By then Evans Groth was in Raleigh, NC, Schreiner in Portland, OR, Kapinus in Houston, TX, Rice and Brenner in Philadelphia, PA. The most logical way was to gather somewhere and make their way, together, like the old days, to the destination that inspired “Leave the City” from the What Comes After the Blues album. M.C. Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger – a long-time friend of Molina’s and a tourmate when he was a part of The Court and Spark – joined them on guitar. Vocals were shared in an effort to pay tribute to their departed friend. There was no attempt at replacement, or even the idea that such a thing was possible let alone desired. Instead, he and his songs led them to rooms full of others who were celebrating and memorializing, hearing Jason’s words, and imagining his voice in harmony with theirs, leading them through the amazing songs they got to play, contribute to, record, and love dearly.


The extensive list they collected when working on Jason’s first memorial in 2013 was once again put to good use when Erin Osmon, a writer, fan, and friend, approached them about writing a book about him. After years of research, hundreds of hours of interviews, and thoughtful, respectful, hard work – the kind Molina wrote so much about, and practiced himself – Osmon will release Jason Molina: Riding With The Ghost (Rowman and Littlefield, 2017). In honor of this, Songs Molina: A Memorial Electric Co., will be playing a few shows to once again celebrate Molina’s life and work in the way he loved to do it himself – playing live. Collaborators whom Jason Molina loved, admired, pranked, toured with, etc., will be invited to sing and play, to tell stories, and to respectfully remember their singer, their leader, their friend. Erin will join the tour and each show will feature readings and storytelling by the band and guest. “We look forward to sharing our memories but, mostly, Jason’s songs, which mean so much to us and so many others.”

Support: Elephant Micah and Thousand Arrows

SHOW: 5:30PM
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