Smoke & Shadows

April 3, 2017

The Rockwell

Start your evening by enjoying a two course dinner at Saloon, then step back in time and down the hall to an evening of Burlesque and variety, or just enjoy the show!

Beyond the bright marquees and dim speakeasy, there is a timeless place where bouncy vaudeville meets soulful sounds and fresh comedy meets the glint of rhinestones. Smoke and Shadows is the Rockwells monthly burlesque and variety show that defies decade and genre, each time offering a new mix of performers from near and far. Acts may span from carefree to poignant and from sexy to thought-provoking, but no matter the specifics, Smoke and Shadows will always guarantee a night of excellent entertainment.

21+ Admittance
Dinner is served starting at 5:00PM
Doors open to theater at 7:30pm, 8:00PM Show in three acts.

Dinner Package (ticket to show and dinner in Saloon): $39*
Ticket to show only: $15
*Full details & menu of dinner package online here:

Hosted and co-produced with Elsa Riot every First Monday of the month.

The early Spring edition of Smoke & Shadows is back with a lineup that will melt away the cold and rejuvenate your soul. Slide over to the Rockwell on April 3 for a night of frisky charm and early relief from the winter and the workweek:

*Hypnotic hooping and burlesque from Lolli Hoops
*Bold and cheeky boylesque from Philly-based titan Josh Schonewolf
*Glitzy swing, smooth seduction, and a hint of cosplay from Harley Foxx
*Soulful R&B with a pop heartbeat from singer Marcela Cruz
*Comedy, mischief, and absurd life stories from Jere Pilapil