Smoke and Shadows: Burlesque & Variety Show

May 11, 2019

The Rockwell

Beyond the bright marquees and dim speakeasy, there is a timeless place where bouncy vaudeville meets soulful sounds and fresh comedy meets the glint of rhinestones. Smoke & Shadows is the Rockwell’s monthly burlesque and variety show that defies decade and genre, each time offering a new mix of performers from near and far.

Our illustrious lineup for Saturday, May 11 is playful on the surface but soulful and dramatic upon closer look, each artist with a reputation for mixing genres and moods to create spirited and striking performance art. Join us for a night of scintillating burlesque, feel-good hip hop, sharp comedy, and more:

*Silly yet dramatic burlesque from the littlest fox in Brooklyn, Petite Renard
*Dynamic dance and boylesque from the punky & mysterious Damon Rebell
*Upbeat, boundary-pushing lyricism with a classical twist from Philadelphia hip hop/soul duo Kuf Knotz & Christine Elise
*Mind-bending humor, storytelling, and lighthearted controversy from comic Reece Cotton
*Cheeky charm and style from host Aglam B and burlesque goofball Elsa Riot

As usual, these artists are in the same room for one night only!

Doors at 9pm
Show at 9:30pm
Seating; $20, general admission, 21+
Accessibility: The Rockwell is wheelchair accessible