BLOWW: Summah Stunnah

August 18, 2019

The Rockwell

This August! Prepare yourself for YET ANOTHER wrestling show, in YET ANOTHER format BLOWW has never done before…..a tournament!

As you may have heard, Becky is the new owner of BLOWW, and she’s had enough of the league matching up with each other based on “mutual interest” and “good feelings toward one another”. She would rather see us pinned against each other, fighting for a common objective…for one athlete to be the sole winner of the evening, and earn a shot at challenging Valentine for the BEAST belt at BLOWWLOWEEN III in October. It is going to get competitive in here, folks!

This also may very well be our last BLOWW show wrestling on the mats, so please join us at the historic Rockwell Theater in celebrating the end of a long and storied era, scrappy athlete style.

Where: The Rockwell, 255 Elm St
When: Doors at 7, Show 7:30
Who: BLOWW and friends!
Why: Wrestling is fun!

Valentine will be choosing who-fights-who in the bracket, and we all know she knows how to challenge and control an entire room! We honestly can’t wait to see our champion anticipating her challenger, as well as dominating all the “losers” (who are we kidding, if Val makes you her sub, you are also a winner). Everyone gets, or is, a trophy.


Calypso Apocalypto
Gemma the Bisexual Unicorn
MOM The Wrestler
Cassie Nova
Punky Bruiser
Susie Newsie

In addition to the tournament, we are eagerly anticipating Becky popping off, video content, cutting promos, picking fights, and amazing performances from our illustrious guests:

Jessicalee Skary
Barb LaVey
Jayden Jamison KA St James
Black Wednesday

Announcing and color commentating by Ginny Nightshade and Michael D’Angelo!

Also, in case you are new, BLOWW is a grassroots egalitarian wrestling group, where we have agency over our own characters. We work hard to carve out space in the industry for queer and feminist positive content, and we always punch up. Come join the inclusive and radical as fuck fun!